WE train both horses & riders

Ross Smith Coach, Range View Farm, Riding Lessons Queensland

  • We provide:
  • Showjumping and cross country lessons
  • Professional competition assistance
  • Rider mentoring

Both Ross and Matt coach regular lessons on location, and are available for group clinic bookings off site.

“We pride ourselves on our distinctive teaching style and ensure lessons are both enjoyable and effective.

“It’s all about getting the rider to understand their horse and become effective, aware and adaptive. Our own equestrian experiences have allowed us to become in-tune with the students and help them build their confidence. This in turn provides them the ability to realize their personal and competitive goals.”

Self reflection is a large contributor to success as a coach. Matt and Ross know that all horses and riders have their quirks. We are very intuitive when it comes to our students and recognise that each rider has different expectations, support requirements and goals.

“It’s very important to look at the horse and look at the rider and find a middle ground where we can coach both parties to excel. At the end of the day a lesson is all about sharing knowledge and ensuring the horse and rider have a happy and productive experience.”