What is a sale barn?



A sale barn indicates that the primary focus is on sourcing horses that have brain, temperament and ability – in this order – in every horse.

Ross and Matt, co-owners and principle riders at Rangeview Equestrian, have combined their abilities to source, produce and compete any horse you invest in using the services of Rangeview. You can rest assured knowing your horse has been hand-picked by a professional, not a horse that has previously been rejected by other riders. This is our point of difference compared to many other studs or riding establishments.

A few words from Ross

“Rangeview Equestrian adds value to every horse in our barn according to its individuality – there is no factory production line here.

We think outside the square and train and nurture each individual horse, facilitating the horse’s growth and progress and allowing them to take full advantage of their natural ability, scope and talent.

We understand that every buyer values certain traits in horses differently and so matching a rider to a horse is about meeting certain priorities – not just finding a any horse.

By really discovering what a riders needs and wants are, we can be sure that we are creating a quality combination.

Every horse sold by us has to represent our establishment both now and in the future – not just fill an immediate competition goal.” – Ross Smith