Welcome to Rangeview Equestrian, one of the premier sale barns in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rangeview Farm Equestrian has formed to showcase a range of eventing and showjumping horses, we have our sights set on becoming THE premiere sales and performance horse barn in the Southern hemisphere. Our heart beat is to select, produce and campaign horses to the best of the their abilities and recognize each one as an individual and valuable athlete.


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This mission is supported by complimentary business activities including selling horses as sales agents, teaching showjumping and cross country lessons, provide professional competition assistance, rider mentoring, horse training and schooling and horse investment opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing a positive atmosphere and a professional environment for clients, investors, supporters, sponsors and business associates.

Our Team is a collaboration of three riders, each with their own unique riding talents, experiences and expertise. Our horses represent a range of Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbreds and imported European Warmbloods. Please contact Rangeview if you have any questions.

Range View Farm
Sunset at Range View